SEAMO was founded in 1991. Over time a small-scale firm working with TV sets and antennas evolved into a highly modern, customer-oriented industrial enterprise. Nowadays, SEAMO’s core business is divided into four strategic sectors:

1. Power resistors

2. Development of custom made solutions

All parts and components for our various products are manufactured and fitted either in our assembly shops or at our building sites by specially trained staff using their precision handiwork skills. At SEAMO, each product and every installation are subject to 100 % accurate functional and performance testing. Customers from EU member states benefit from all SEAMO products bearing the CE marking. Declarations of conformity will be happily provided upon request.

At the beginning of each project we place particular emphasis on personal contact with customers, discussing requests, baseline conditions and special project characteristics in detail, as no two engagements are ever the same. The majority of our projects involve complex, high-tech, custom-made components that meet your specifications. Naturally, this requires as much detailed exchange of information as possible between us and our customers.

Such custom-made items are specially designed to meet the needs of each customer, so SEAMOS engineers and technicians will always be present when equipment we provide is put into service for the first time. From confirmation of the order until installed equipment is started up, each project is carried out by our highly trained professionals. All of our engineers, technicians and fitters have many years of professional and also international experience.

To maintain our high levels of customer focus and flexibility, we design, construct and manufacture all important parts and components ourselves and thus are in a position to react immediately to even the most detailed requests for modification, even while a project is being implemented. Our in-house design and manufacturing facilities allow us to handle short-term projects and tight delivery deadlines.

Most of our products are intended for export. Our customers include companies such as Mondi SCP, Fabory, Siemens, Schneider Electric, ABB, Veolia Water, the Vivendi Group, SEC, Schneider Electric, Fuji, Danfoss, Erotherm, Rockwell, Vacon and many more.